Rain 2007-2015

I do like rain every now and then …
Here is a photo of my measurements taken from my roof terrace
in town
but from 1/8-2010 from Raches,
210 meters high up.

151227 001

1386 mm of rain at Raches, Skopelos in 2015

30-31/12 arrived 4 mm of rain,
and I saw some very few snowflakes!

2015 is the wettest year I ever measured!

My yard 2015


“It takes both rain and sunshine to make a Rainbow.”
Anna Lee

Skopelos is an island with plenty of water,
we have many springs.

GPS fixes to calibrate a map – using wgs84
Skopelos Lighthouse N39°12’28” E023°35’36”
Agnondas – Limnonari Beach road junction N39°05’04” E023°42’24”
Aerial Masts – Mt. Palouki N39°06’20” E023°45’34”
Glisteri  Beach (road end) N39°08’35” E023°43’03”
Agios Ioannis N39°10’30” E023°39’05”
Highest point – Firehut on Delfi N39°08’42” E023°40’12”

161226 043 XX

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