Thank You!

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Thanks a lot to all of you for all
greetings for the new year
and more!

I am so happy with this new site at WordPress so I will try to update several days a week. Please tell me if you have any suggestions or questions.

If you like you can go to the bottom of all these posts and there to the left you will see a darker blue box with FOLLOW. if you click on that you will be noticed every time here is a new post.

I would also like if you click LIKE on some of my pages, then you have to open them at the left side her and at the bottom is a box.

Today I will just give you some lovely photos
from some time ago;

Just up from the church of Papameletiou, on the way up to the Ringroad.


A wonderful man, – keep on playing, Panagiotis! I met him many summer Saturdays in Skiathos, where he had performed.
Stella Taverna on the way down to Glifoneri – the most Greek old fashioned taverna of them all! I love it!


A town OWL ;o) The Faneromeni churchtower in the background.
Many years ago on the way out of Elios

Have a good day!
Here the sun is shining, +11,3 this morning, and a bit of wind.

 The  last 24 hours in 100% shadow we had a minimum of 10,2
and max yesterday up here was 14,3.
We go Kastani and then lunch somewhere in Glossa/Loutraki.


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