Dream …


Agios Dimitrios, Alonnisos
Amarondas, Skopelos
Photo by “Nissi” Wleugel
From FaceBook – sooo beautiful – not much to do with Skopelos!

Lightly gray weather today +13,5 at ten this morning. Time for a walk with Pasxa and then music lunch at Molos, I hope!

I am making this page on my iPad, it is easier on my big PC but this I could not do with my old web-site, so this is an improvement, too. Now I can make a new page wherever I am, great!

Back at my HP “big” PC and it is easier to edit,
but fun anyway!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Also by Nissi, Amarondas

All photos in this mix are mine.
My favorite summer “thing” is out with Ena,
the wooden boat – I love it!
Also I love Agnondas, and if I get live music
and lobster spaghetti, what can be better?

I called this page Dream –
and I hope these photos makes you dream!


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