Skopelos churches, how many?


151017 099c2
One of the newest, up from Armenopetra. I was told that this one came “with wheels on” from the mainland.
151017 097
This sign is on the church!

When I moved here in 1983 I was told that it was 365 churches on the island,  one for each day, – and I have been told the same now 33 years later, how come? I have seen churches being build, so how many?
I was also told that every family with respect for itself has their own church.

 A friend said to me today, why don’t you start counting churches, one for each day!
I took the challenge!!!
Thank you Mr. Chapel!
Strange coincidence that he has that name!
I just gathered 22 churches, not bad, in just an hours work!

150527 025cK
In town by the steps going up from the churches by the old harbor
151119 010c
The monastery up behind the “monastery hill” – facing the sea, and Alonnisos to the left

 Here are some I passed today on my walk to and partly from Mortero;

160130 018c
Up at the “top” road – to Pefki
160130 033c
Closer to the main road, in the valley who starts at Limnonari beach
160130 039c
After Potami valley, first right and up dirt road, on the way to Skliri
160130 047c
Up at the top, Potami behind me and Mortero in front
160130 060c
On the way back, close to where the path starts going Potami-Skliri

Churches I have put in here since I started this new blog in December;

Churches in the monasteries at Agia Varvara and Prodromos, the last one inside, one more down and outside and another one to the right of my photo
Aghii Pandes, Aloupi, just after the church yard
151228 013
Profitis Ilias, between town and Glisteri – one of my favorite places.
151226 071
I do not count these “Eklisakias” – mini churches by the roads where accidence has happened
151225 046
Agios Nikolaos – up from Kambos

Churches from last days walks;

151017 066
On the main road, not fare from Armenopetra
160113 048c
One of the main churches in town, just behind International Cafè alias Ouzoaren
160128 052c
Maybe Agios Nikolaos o neos
160128 060c
Do not know name, was behind a fence
160128 118c
Maybe another Agios Nikolaos
160128 130c
Also Pano Karia – I will take a photo of the church one day
160128 133c
A deserted monastery in Pano Karia
160128 171c
Same Agios Georgios monastery, beautiful place


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