Agios Riginos

25th of February name day of Skopelos` patron saint

160225 003c160225 046

160225 096
This his coffin at his monastery a bit out of town. There was a big service there
in the morning, more or less all Skopelos was there.
I saw many priests arriving the day before for this ceremony.

Skopelos is the only Greek island who has this holiday.

The weather was very nice so cafes and tavernas was very buzy.
It is so important to have good weather on a holiday.
Everybody is dressed up in their nicest clothes.

I went out with my “parea”

160225 014c
Some might recognize kyria Eleni & kyrios Ioannis to the right here, they once had a very nice restaurant next to Molos. They are the parents of Vassillies who has the Barramares.

160225 035c


It was a great day and evening, – and then I walked home ;o)

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