BLUE my favorite color

ΜΠΛΕ, το αγαπημένο μου χρώμα

160229 053c

Pavlos Taverna is turing BLUE,
that made me so happy.
For me the Greek colors are white and blue,
like the flag and and …

160229 085c

160225 067

Pasxa and I walked today, the last day of February;

160229 090c

160229 062c160229 054c

160229 066c
Where is this?

another look and

160229 066x
yesss, it is lovely Agnondas
160229 071c
Many pine-trees are doing very well!

160229 042c
The fire area does look so much better now when all is green
160229 045c
Here you can see some of the area where the fire took the forest

160229 048c
Pasxa is happy to find water when we are out walking, this was very clean. Left for the goats, of course!
160229 033c

160229 079c

160229 034c

160229 004c160229 022c160229 027c
Great that there was 2 places with live music a late February Sunday noon in Skopelos town! I love Greek music!

Kati allo:  Κάτι άλλο: Something else:

160229 002c
Fun to see this commercial on Greek TV of a Norwegian product. I used to hate this “medicine” that I was forced to take every day when I grew up, it tasted terrible. I think they had added better taste to it now. Every day now I take Omega-3-6-9 pills who does not taste bad at all.

160229 092c

When I moved up here in 2010 I brought with me 5 bougainvilleas only 2 survived, and they are doing great. This one really came last summer and now it is “shooting” like crazy. It part is going up to the terrace on top of my flat and another shoot is up at the top floor. So I am really looking forward to see how they will cover up more this summer.

More photos from last week;

160217 017c

160225 010c
A walk not so fare from home
160225 074
Think if it was you standing there on the way to Skopelos!


160225 077


I have been a good gal and oiled my chestnut tables;



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