End of Apokreas

The coming Sunday is the really BIG day of the Apokreas!
Hope you can make it!
Απόκρεας – Mardi Gras

Apokries – Carnival
Οι Απόκριες – Το Καρναβάλι

“Apokries in Greece is a special time filled with fun, laughter, and of course food. The tradition of Apokries started so that the Christian people could celebrate and indulge before the great 40 day Lent of Easter.

It lasts for three weeks before this period of fasting begins.
Apokries is celebrated usually in February. It’s rare to see February without Apokries, but of course it depends on when the Orthodox Easter falls. Each part of Greece has its own customs and traditions during Apokries.”

This was cut from http://www.ilearngreek.com/greek_traditions/apokries.asp
where you can read much more about it.

160306 035c.JPG

Apokries means literally saying goodbye to meat –
Apoxh apo kreas …

 In Latin the roots of the word Carnival has the
same meaning – ‘carne’ is meat and ‘vale’ goodbye.

Greek Easter Sunday is the 1st of May
this year, hope you can make it!

Then some other pics;

I did not know this
Always something new to learn after over 32 years here ;o)

from FaceBook;

 Ρώτησαν ένα κοριτσάκι της 1ης δημοτικού:
– Έχετε Αλβανούς, Πακιστανούς ή μαύρους στι σχολείο σας;
– Όχι. Μόνο παιδάκια έχει.
Petros Solitude

A little girl in 1st grade was asked:
– Do you have Albanians, Pakistanis or blacks in your school?
– No. We only have small children.

En liten jente i 1. klasse ble spurt;
– Har dere albanere, pakistanere eller svarte på skolen deres?
– Nei. Vi har bare små barn.


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