May 2016

160505 002I just had to borrow this GREAT photo from Easter midnight by Zahos Stamoulis

160505 001

Do you remember that one Sunday lunch in the winter I wrote that
the church bells made it to 12 o`clock midnight when I left Molos?
10 hours lunch!
It was much due to this 2 persons and their good music
and “vibration”! So I will go to Molos this weekend
– even if I have to walk home again!

My road is still closed but I read good news;
160505 005
“My” road is the one mentioned as Glifoneri – Raches.
Now I have to drive all over to the “new” road and
pass by Agios Reginos monastery, more than twice as long.

160505 009cOurania and Georgios from Antonios Studios.

Sunday 1st of May was Easterday, 2nd of May was the nameday
of amongst others Agios Georgios
– all those who had their nameday during lent,
had to wait to celebrate until after Easter, of course!
SO 1st of May was celebrated on the 3rd of May.
What a great looong weekend, and there was
a lot of Greeks coming,
most have a connection to Skopelos one way or the other.

160505 004Oddvar and Kostas, good old friends at Skiathos celebrating the 1st of May.

160505 011c
Nice equipage on Skopelos

Mountain flowers

We went on a sight seeing the other day;

and then
160505 037c

We had a great Easter trip on the mainland, for me the highlight was Vergina,
south-west if Thessaloniki.

If you love Greece, it is a must to visit!!!

160502 041c

To Dixti in Thessaloniki was so nice so we went
there both evening.

You see us;
Leifen, Svanhild, me, Christina & Vigdis up here.
I got a blue mustache from the chair I was sitting on!!!
Nice souvenir who I will find a place for somewhere here at home!

For me to get on the ferry in Volos was also great,
in Norwegian we have a saying like;
Being away is good but home is better!!!

My good friends was waiting for me ;o)


One thought on “May 2016”

  1. I spent some time visiting and staying on Skiathos probably 30years ago.I was fascinated to see the picture of Odvar and Costas on your site as I spent a lot of time with them before I returned to live in England.
    I have booked a ho;iday at the end of September on Skiathos and would love to see them again.
    Is there anyway you could put me in touch with them please?


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