Once upon a time …

160716 033c
Once upon a time …

– my boss, Frode Schiøtz 79,
funder of Gullivers Reiser and Lilleput Reiser,
sat on an airplane between Athens and Thessaloniki
he looked down and what did he see?

160716 003c

A small island with lots of beautiful beaches and
the sparkling azure-blue sea!
When he landed he asked our agent,
what was that beautiful island that I saw?
That was the beginning of Skiathos for the Scandinavian marked.
Gulliver started there is 1980, mom and me were some of
the very pleased Norwegian tourists visiting there,
again and again!
The travel was long; plane to Salonika, bus to Volos,
some hours wait there in the middle of the night,
and the morning ferry “Skopelos”
– made in Langesunds verft, Norway –
and finally, worn out, we met “The Greek Connection”!
We stayed at the very simple Skiathos House,
owned by the Sarris family,
– and we became a part of that family –
I still feel I am!

The airport opened for charters 1984, I think in May.

160716 028c
We got to know the brothers Kostas and Georgios, mostly,
but also brother Stavros and the sisters Koula and Vasiliki,
and of course Mamma & Pappa Sarris
– and in the Greek way all their family and friends.
We became a part of The Greek Connection too!
I even had to take a transfer to Thessaloniki
to send and pick up Gullivers travelers.

Unfortunately Georgios, Stavros and Pappa are no longer with us.

In 1981 we got to know

Memories, very, very good memories,
5 great holidays mom and me had on Skiathos,
and then we moved here in 1983.
I became guide for Gulliver and stayed on even after mr Gulliver sold.
When he came here in 2010 and asked me
if I wanted to join the Lilleput team,
I was very happy!

because of YOU I am here in my Greek paradise!

Mr Gulliver & me

PS Saturday 16th of July I picked up 73 tourists in Skiathos going on holiday on Skopelos, more than half of our SAS plane! We are doing very well at the moment!


7 thoughts on “Once upon a time …”

  1. Sad news. Since 1999 I have a lot of good memories from several of the destinations Lilleput offer. There are just positive feedback to give to the travel company, and their many super dedicated employees in Greece.
    I wish you good luck as a retired, Nana, on Skopelos – the island in your hearth.


  2. Nana, You have been the most dedicated and wonderful employee for Lilleput all these years! You should be proud of a job well done! I wish you well in your next endeavor, even if it is lying on all those beautiful beaches and hiking the trails of Skopelos that we all love.


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