I am so sorry!


Sorry, why?

Because I have not been in the mood to put up something here!

Today I have good news,
we got another dog;

Why we got another dog?
Good question!
Pasxa does not like long walks any more,
– she is 11,5 and still going strong –
but I need company for my long walks too!!!
Is Ira good for long walks?
We will see!
But I got a good “deal”; a clean, “ready” doggy,
and she can stay with the X-owner
whenever I need to leave the island.


Over to some resent island photos;

While being at the vet there was a sooo great smell of food,
the butcher next door was BBQing chickens,
we bought one, more than a kilo, for 9 Euros and some cents,
brought it out to our friends in Mortero and enjoyed that and
their salads outside in the sunny day;


For eating is open in town now, as fare as I know;
in the old harbor; Molos, Klimataria & Kyratsos Kitchen,
all open for lunch & dinner
– while Ta Kimata will soon close.
A bit further on the waterfront Gialos.
Inside town Finikas
– while Gorgones is open every night from 19.00.
Magali for gyros and more just up from the ferry harbor.
I think also Stergios is open close to the bus station.
Apolafsis open for some days more too!
On the “outside” waterfront – road to the monasteries –
Dimitrakis and Ambeliki,
– while Muses will close soon.

Asteria in Panormos is open every day ;o)

Sorry I do not know of Elios and Glossa,
anybody knows?

Many cafes are open in town;
Dokos and Karavia are open 365 days a year
and often to the “small” hours at night.
Still open is also Avgo, Gekas, Kochilis, Barramares
& International alias OuzoBaren!

Sorry if I have forgotten some!

Here are some FaceBook “things” that I think are great;
Sorry, the last one is from a magazine!
Had to add it, I simply love BLUE!!!

We need some more “doggy-stuff” today;


The end is near …
Just a few more pics;


2 thoughts on “I am so sorry!”

    1. Thanks Phillipa, she is very cute and such a good behaved girl! I think she enjoys a normal good home dog life with her own cushion and sleeping inside. Hope you are doing well! All the best from Skopelos !


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