66 at Skopelos

Paul McCartney did not come when I got 64 …
But friends came to my lunch when I got 66 …
I needed that, because I broke a 2 liter bottle of redwine on my kitchen floor and a lost my iPad on the tiled floor because the “holster” broke – so the glass broke!!!
Can anybody fix my iPad?
Any advice?

Thanks a lot for all the greetings!

After some days with rain, the SUN is back,
so we will pic up Mom and Agapi and go to the beach ;o)
It was only 8,5C when we got up, the coldest night this autumn.


4 thoughts on “66 at Skopelos”

  1. Sorry to hear about the bottle of red wine. Here is the roads covered with ice this morning and very slippery , so all together, I think you are very lucky in sunny Skopolos. All the best to Kate, common friends and your dogs and cats from Grimstad1 🙂


    1. Dear Carsten, we were so happy to hear from you! Moms face light up when I tell her I hear from you. The same when Sveins phones her – you know the Frigg keeper you met here and walks Agadir with!!!
      Enjoy the snow and ice, we do not miss it ;o)


  2. Hello Nana, happy birthday 🙂 hope you had a lovely lunch with your friends. I enjoy seeing your pictures and posts about Skopelos while I’m not there at the moment, I miss the island. Take care, Fiona

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