Dimitrakis, Nastas …


You do not know Dimitrakis?
A taverna on the way out of town going to the monasteries,
it was new this year. Mom and me had a very nice lunch yesterday,
it was very quiet when we arrived but got busier.
Their family place O Nastas was destroied after the flood in September 2015.
Giannis, the owner is son of

Blocks behind are from when they made the extension on the outside molo.
We were many other nice girls too!!!

This must have been in the late 80th`is, outside

Madro Travel, our office.
Dimitris was the always working, always very, very best taxi driver,
he was our “Privat-Driver”!
Unfortunately he left us years ago.

Over to my yard;
For the 1st time in my life I cut down a tree, and that all by myself.
I borrowed a very nice “aligator-chainsaw”, very safe,
and went to work. It was so easy.
The tree was wild and grew like crazy, took away light
and space from things I have planted.
So no I got more wood!

Yesterday 22/11 was the 2nd best day of this site!
To my surprise Sweden was the best country
with Norway and UK just behind.

This really keeps me going …



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