Now and then …

Onboard Myrtidiotissa in the summer,
on my way to Skopelos, of course!

We have had stormy weather, no boats,
down to +5,7C.
A friend in Salonika said they have snow.
The thing is to be ready for the winter,
wood, gas, food, drinks –
I have it all, and of course warm clothes
and proper boots!

Fun to see that I photographed this gate even
before the bougainvillea, you know why?
It is blue!

Talking about colors;

Her shop is uptown across from To Rodi, before Alexander.
Skopelos has lots of nice ceramics,
– but I do not have space for more!!!


Views are changing all the time …


Tina, my best friend!
She has grown up, maybe, she was 50 the other day!
Xronia Polla Lille Rumpe!

As I often sings; “Those were the days, my friend …”

Here comes my very good friend;
Some more people;

Me with Thanassis, the great dancer!

I also LOVE Greek music and dance ;o)

As I have mentioned, I am cleaning up in my photo-file,
and gosh do I have lots of photos!
Here are some more;


Greek lessons


Enjoy life as much as possible!

2 thoughts on “Now and then …”

  1. Hi Nana,  Thanks for sharing all your wonderful pictures. I always look forward to them at the end of my day!  Happy Holidays to you and your Mother! Love Rose

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot Rose! I am in a period where I really want to make my pages here, and feed-back makes it even better! Hope you are feeling well?
      Good Holidays to you to and lots of love from Skopelos


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