Ta Kimata – Angelos

In the old harbor is Skopelos oldest taverna,
opened in 1896;
A place I really feel well and eat often.
They are closed now but will open again ca 15th of December,
I am looking forward to that.

2 time I have been so lucky to be served a real international gourmet meal there made by;
Here are some of the dishes,
sorry I do not remember their names,
but the taste was just gorgeous;

I enjoyed the great meal with old friends,
they were also very good friends with the late Angelos,
father of the 4 boys who are running th3 taverna now.

Rigas & Tore,  sorry Solveig you were not on any photo!

Skopelos is good on food, a lot of traditional food but
more “modern” dishes are showing up as well



160914-170160914-179160921-144img_2204img_2136160729-021It is raining outside, it has been raining for hours,
50 mm since last night, that`s a lot!
Windy too, so no boats today, no tomorrow!

An old summer memory,
I think my boss Frode S took it;


I am not publishing this early morning,
I just pre-book publishing, I am learning more and more
here at WordPress, but I DO miss FrontPage!

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