Skopelos – lots to offer

2 new pages today, due to a misstake, anyway remember to skroll down,
and have a wonderful day.
The sun is back on Skopelos, still a bit cold but very very clear and beautiful ;o)

Kalimera, Kalimera!
When looking through all my photos I realize that Skopelos
has much more than sun and beaches.
Beautiful villages, so many small and picturesque churches.
Have you tried the honey? Gorgeous!
The prunes? and and  …
They do grow a lot of different things her,
but not really a lot of anything except
plenty of olive-trees.
Unfortunately this year most of the olives
were not good, bad season!

img_2260Forgot to mention we have very many nice visitors and hosts.

All the empty/left places,
I always wonder who lived here?

How to know if a street cat is sterilized?
The top of one ear is cut off!
More animals;

Years back long before Mamma Mia;


Some from FaceBook

Have a wonderful time and SMILE!
I read that if you smile you make the brain
think that you are happy even if you are not
– it will make you feel better!!!
Why not try!


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