This was my 1st of December

To wake up and then see the sun,
The doggies & me needed to get out
– no cat lives inside by us –
so we picked up mom & Agapi and went to Limnonari;


I passed by Madro Travel and Machi showed me a lovely surprise;
img_4911cThe blue are always later that the white ones,
and I have not seen a white yet!!!

‘Later we went for a walk Pefkias, Potami, Diakopi,
so we made more than 9 km today,
soooo good with a long walk.
Beautiful views we had;
Now early evening the wood fire is burning, some candles are on,
the house smells nice, the bread-mashine is making a bread and
I put in a dash of oregano which gives a great smell ;o)

Back to Ustaoset 1979;

I was a bit younger!!!

img_4959As you might know, I love Christmas, so today we
took our photos. Thanks to Frode A for doing that!
Making a selfie with 2 doggies would be very difficult!

Καλές Γιορτές

means Happy Holidays!


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