DeerHunter & Volos

Borte bra men hjemme best!

Great to be away but home is better!

My dog Ira is a deerhunter! The day we were going to Volos I went for a walk with my both dogs, Ira free, and suddenly there was a Dama Dama, doe deer I think it is called, and Ira just took off! Have you ever heard of deerhunting on Skopelos? There is a farm just down the hill from us, with ca ten deer. I had to go in order to catch the Proetus, and I felt terrible! What to do?
Good to have friends, a bit out into the sea, my phone rang,
they had found her outside my gate.
Good girl!


Volos was great, we did some shopping, went to IKEA in Larissa, had some great meals and had the car on service, here are som photos and more will comecwhen I get my internet connection back at home, hopefully on Monday. Have a nice weekend, filakia!


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