IRA and …

You know my new dogs name is Ira,

(color of the page is red, I always use red in the X-mas month)

– she came with that name and she is about 2,5 years old.
Suddenly I started to wonder,
what does the name mean?
It has nothing to do with
The Irish Republican Army (IRA).
I am ashamed to say it, but I did not connect it with Hera!
Here is what I found on the net;


The Greek here, – I thought Ira means peace!


Eιρήνη / Irini in Greek means peace!

So now I know!

Did you read my post about Ira as a deer-hunter?
We saw the deer (fallow deer, I think) yesterday  again,
and Ira went crazy,
luckily she was on the lead!
3 deers got out of the farm just down from here,
when we had the big flood
– tsunami, as we call it – in September 2015 and
are living as free since then.

Good luck – hope no hunters will find you!

Over to Skopelos 12/12-2016


BARDON is a café in the winter, by the old olive factory, just behind La Costa, – they have the restaurant Zoupa in the summer. Wood burner at Bardon, always warm and very nice service.
I am not sure what is was, maybe a hawk or a buzzard, not easy to “catch” it with my phone and 2 doggie-leads in my hand!

We did not get enough time in Volos, due to change of the ferry timetable,
so I did not get a new electric blanket!
What happened, they had it at the big supermarket of AB here,
amazing, even made in Greece!
My 1st blanket I got as a Christmas present from mom about 20 years ago, and honestly, I did not know that I needed it!!! When I got back to Skopelos then on a very cold February day, I put it in my bed, – and that night I fell in love!!!
Since it is over 20 years old, it was time to change it!

Life at home with 2 doggies, many cats and a fireplace is great!
We also have central heating, and we need that wintertime in Skopelos.
Better to be well prepared.
In my old home downtown I had an electric oil heather,
it was very good.

I am baking and always I learn new words;


I do not make 7 different X-mas cookies, as used to be tradition in Norway,
I just make “Pepper-nøtter” kind of Ginger nuts
and a fruity cake, – love them both!
I bought “Pepperkakor” – Ginger Thins – at IKEA,
they are also I must for Christmas.

Some few clips from the net;

I will end todays page with some photos I played with;

Did you see the garlic?


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