8/1-2017 more snow

I woke up to this;


Luckily I did not park my car out here!


Sorry I can not get fare so here are only photos from around the house.
I had to dig my way out, took the stairs alongside the house,
and got some help;
Some very few places there was only 10 cm of snow,
the wind has blown the rest away,
some places it was caved in to about 1 meter,
but I think it has came ca 60 cm of snow!
Look around my home;
Amazing, 1st time up here with so much snow!
Last time we had so much snow was ca 23rd of January 2006.



170108-022c170108-034c170108-025I am very thankful that we have kept the electricity on,
that makes life more easy.
I can not get my car out, but I could walk
to town if I have to!
Anyway I have lots of food for the animals and me,
and a good many liters of wine ;o)
TV is working and I have done a lot of skiing today
on EuroSport,
heia Norge!
So just have to wait and see what the weather will bring,
have a nice warm evening ;o)


4 thoughts on “8/1-2017 more snow”

  1. Hjelp… more snow than we have this winter so far. We have seen on TV that there is winter in southern Europa. I suppose you do not have skiis – if so it would be a great ride down to the city center. Stay inside in front of the fire. It will be gone soon. Gode tanker fra Elizabeth og Frode.

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    1. Tusen takk, dette er artig! Men ikke helt lett å lufte hundene, de er vandt til gress! Hadde sne til hoftene da vi var ute i går, nå skal jeg pakke meg inn å se hva vi kan klare!
      Klemzzzz til dere fra oss I sneen ;o)


    1. Ta med truger så kan vi gå en tur! Vi er innesnedd, det er et slit å gå å dyp sne for å lufte hundene, – og de vil helst gjøre fra seg på gress!!!!
      Kozzz dere og klemz ;o)


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