Still 9/1 – but looking back

When did we have this much snow?
January 2006, maybe, but after 3 days it was gone.
The father of an old friend said that it was a lot in 1967
but even more in 1941.
Who remembers?

Now at 17.30 we have -0,4C, still possible to see out,
it snowed a dash before, but not now.
Will we be able to get to town soon?
I could have walked down, but
the way up again would have been rough!!!

What will tomorrow bring?

Anyway we took a drive on the 5th with Rolf;
He lives here mostly now and I wanted to show him new things,
2nd stop coffe in Glossa;

He had never been there, but promised to come back!

Next a detour down to Armenoptera & Kalives;

Rolf had never been here before!

We saw a new road and had to check it out;

I do not know, looks like a private house but
so much digging and throughing away?

Next stop Rolf new;
Over the mountain on the rather new road,
we went off to;
170105-062v170105-063c170105-074c170105-073c170105-066c170105-069cHe had never been here before either!
It takes long time to get to know all of Skopelos!

My doggies did a nice pose;

We had a nice day with Rolf and later a coffee at Bardon!

Looking more back; were invited to Mortero for a great
a la Christmas lunch, fantastic cured mutton;
Mom looks well, but she is “shrinking”, –
she eats and enjoys her food and
nice company!!!

Last photo of this page, a cat again, of course;


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