12/1 I do not love snow!

170111sne-096c170111sne-098cI woke up to this today, it was so FANTAISTIC!!!
To have about 6 days with snow is amazing,
and we still have a lot!
I feel like I am up in the highmountains of Norway,
like Geilo and Ustaoset, where I used to work!!!
We were luck to have the electricity for a long time,
but it was away for 26 hours and came back
yesterday at 14.30 – guess if we were happy?
Poor Alonnisos they have been without for a much longer time.
Now we do not have water,  but we DO have snow!

Yesterday we walked to town to see mom and
back again, 12,5 km. The worst part was to “dive” into the snow
and get out to the main-road down from here.
Some places I was in snow up to my chest!!!
I sent the doggies first but they did not sink as deep as I!!!

Here are our walk and what we saw;


The truck pours out saltwater in order to melt the ice and snow. Lots of vehicles out trying to help, bravo! I saw firetrucks, policecars and and …  Thank you!



When we got home, I was dead!!!

MY HEROES of yesterday;
Vangelis D who drove a bottle of gas for my moms gas heater.
Lambro Finikas who helped me carry it up to her home.
Spiros P who cleaned a path in to “our” house,
I was SO happy for that, because I was very, very tired
after the walk. My back hurt a lot, so I put on a cream
and a sheep skin. We went early to bed and the
electric blanket was on, ohhh so lovely!

Thanks a lot!

Sunshine outside now, +3,9C, melting a lot,
woodfire on and time for breakfast!


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