8/2 Kastani – Milia

I just had to put this first!
Most of us does not think of Greece as a a ski country,
but there is skiing in Greece, many resorts
also ski-lifts and and …
The girl up here is from Rhodes, as fare as I know,
but her mom is Norwegian and the great thing
is that she will do cross country skiing in
The World Championships in Lachti for Greece,
so look out for Melina Magulas.
Kali tixhi!!!



Over to a nice walk you can do when you are here!
I love Kastani, but not when it is full of people and high music!
In the summer it is great to visit Kastani in the morning
and take a good swim before having breakfast at the cafè.
If you want more quiet time walk over to Milias;

If you look at the map to the right
you may make a longer round-walk.
To walk Kastani – Milias took me 7 minutes, only 0,41 km
with photo stops.
The roundtrip to the right one hour, 3,57 km, but with many stops.
1 – means start at Kastani, from the beach over the rocks
or at the first big bend up from the beach.
There is a nice, narrow path true the forest.
2 – is where you get on up from Milias,
do not try to get down there, somebody tries to close it;
Slowly you get on to a small dirt road and soon at 3 you can get onto Milias.

I love walking Kastani – Milias, this day all we met was some
seagulls, 2 shags and a male dog (has owner), who lives there.
I love listening to the nature and just enjoy …

New to me is;


Check it out at https://skopartfoundation.org/

Here are some of the things we made;

None is ready yet!

They are also very much involved in SIFFY
Skopelos International Film Festival for Youth (SIFFY)

SIFFY would not mind if you made a donation!

What is Skopelitissa without an animal photo or two;

Have lovely weekend – we will watch Biathlon!!!
At the moment we have very gray weather, rain in the air
and up here only 7,5C.
And celebrate mom Kates 89 on Saturday!


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