Agnondas is open!!!

170326 110cA table always waits for you …

When Agnondas open it is really a highlight!
Thanassis at Pavlos opens normally on the 25th
of March, Greece’s nameday!
170213 040c
This year it was on a beautiful sunny day,
here are some of my pics from
Saturday lunch with mom and
Sundays with friends;

170326 032c170326 026c170326 022c170326 036c170326 034c

We always eat the shrimp saganaki;

The squash slices were great but we had forgotten
to order tzatziki with them,
that is a must!!!

170326 118c170326 113c170326 029c170326 112c170326 021c

I did not put up the Norwegian flag,
but it made me haooy!

From FaceBook;
170326 063

This flag has history
This flag is culture
This flag is heroism
We were born Greek
… and we will die Greek!

170326 107cThis also makes me happy!
Saturday I was moms driver, so only water,
but Sunday it was retsina on the rocks time ;o)

Every day I see “new” of the year flowers,
nature is just so fantastic!

170326 082c

May you have a wonderful week!

Μπορεί να έχετε μια υπέροχη εβδομάδα!


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