After Easter

170420 039cYears ago this field was fantastic with flowers,
but they never came back – but this year they did!
It looks better in sunshine,
so I shot it then!

170418 009Photo from ANT TV, the Holy Flame came from Jerusalem
on Easter Saturday and was spread all over Greece,
to every church! Amazing!

Google translate it to THE SAINT LIGHT
– I use Google translate as a help
keeping in mind that all might not be correct!

Kati allo:

4 Norwegian friends who was on holiday on Skiathos
came over for lunch, and they wanted to go to
Ta Kimata alias Angelos.
We had
 a great meal and a wonderful time.
It is so nice that they have “opened the kitchen”
so we can look at all the tempting dishes.
This was Easterfood;
170418 014c

Back to nature;

170420 026c170420 001c170420 004cThe last photo of the area of Glossa, was sent me by some friends and they were wondering if we got snow! But it was only fog/clouds – we do not want any more snow!


The moth fell down when I opened my door,
I thought it was dead and lifted it up,
took many photos but then I saw that it moved,
I slided it over to a paper and carried it out

I got jealous!!! This Danish boat was in the harbor
and the next day I saw it was heading for
Kyra Panagia, fare out in the National Park.
Hope they had a good time!
I want to go, have not been for many years,
– with Oceanis we went every weekend!!!

Nature is soooo beautiful now, take a look;

Many places on Skopelos you find a spring
with very nice fresh water.

170420 045top170413 007top170409 043c

All the best from Skopelitissa

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