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Greek Travel Pages –
is a very interesting page to watch,
you can join to get your own newsletter,
good idea!
You can check boat timetables there too,
and recheck  them on
During many strikes some of the boats out here
goes anyway, so check and recheck.
And you can see where most ferries are at
the app of MarineTraffic

There are taxi boats from Skiathos to here,
Glossa, Agnondas or Skopelos,
Dimitris tlf +30 698 0200200

Here is some more from there;
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and a last very interesting one;

Samos Ancient Wonder Eupalinos Tunnel Reopens to Public

The 6th century BC Eupalinos Tunnel, located at the Pythagoreion archaeological site on the Aegean island of Samos,…  More at;
Over to my photos, first just by the roadside;
In my garden;

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I just heard on Greek Melodi Radio;
Αποστειρώστε τις γάτες και τα σκυλιά σας
Sterilize your cats and dogs
One cat can make ca 25 kittens in one year!!!!
Most streetcats who are sterilized has the tip of one ear cut off,
this so they will not be done again,
like happened to one of the cats who showed up here
some years ago, Sorry I called her!

170505 002c170505 027
170505 017
from The OuzoBar as we call it, – Skopelos!!!
170505 018
That`s it!

170505 033

I will try to translate this with the help of Google;

I have had several German Shepard dogs in my life, lovely dogs,
if something is wrong with their behavior of a dog,
it is mostly the fault of the owner!!!

Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο


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