In the sea …

170711 131c

Kalispera sas!
I have been soooo busy; overnight stay in a deserted monastery,
with the full moon, and the sun rising,
sunset kayaking – so in the same day I saw the
sun getting up behind Alonnisos
and down over Skiathos!
More on that another time!

“My” new toy I borrowed on Ena,
the very modern, fancy Italian diving mask!
So now I can see what I am shooting!
I love it!

170711 143c170711 138c170711 147c

We have been out with ENA – the Mythical boat –
again. Mom says; I do not smoke, I do not drink,
so I can afford some luxury in life!
She is only 89 years old, you know!

170711 352

Photo of Mom at my home,
she will be 90 in February!!!
Back to our lovely day on ENA
and the magic colors of the sea;

What fantastic colors!
I love the sea!

170711 175c

In the bay of Glaros on the island of Peristera,
there is this cave that you can, maybe should not,
dive into. It is about 30 m deep!
I did not dare!!! Of course our Kapatanios did!
Also there is fresh water coming from somewhere and that is cold!
The sea yesterday was around +27C,
wonderful, if you ask me!!!

170711 156c170711 158c170711 342c170711 344c

We were 8 Norwegian friends and family,
and we got to know this very nice couple who came
from Australia. Every time we are on Ena
we meet nice people!

Time to end this page with a pic from this mornings walk;

170711 350c

Take care, dream of Skopelos and
have a wonderful time!

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