Monastery night

Skopelos has many monasteries,
most of then un-inhabited, so why not
try to spend a night in one of them?
I invited 3 of my friends, who did not know
“the back side of the Monastery Hill”
– the one facing Skyros –
to come with me.


We drowe up, because of all the things we had to bring,
and then we walked the blue line I have marked.

Here we are;

170711 251c
Selfie; me, Tina, Roger & Ingrid
170711 242c
Fully “packed”
170711 243c
We needed many rests, even if we only walked down the hill!
170711 244c
I am having a wonderful rest!!!


I think the walk took us 45 minutes,
we had a lot to carry; food, drinks, cutlery,
sleepingbags, dogfood and and ..
But not water, there are lovely springs at;

170711 312c170711 315c170711 320c

Then it was time to wait for the full moon
around nine o`clock;

I think it is always magic to see the moon
coming up!

170711 316c
Back in the monastery getting ready for dinner;

170711 259c170711 294c170711 296c170711 297c170711 303c

We all were trying to sleep in what I call
“The Last Supper Room”
– because there is a print of the last supper
on the wall.
I believe nobody slept well,
but it was worth it!

Roger was first up and slowly we all got ready
to meet the sun;
170711 310c

Back down to the monastery,
it lays a kind of in the end corner of a valley,
so not a good view from there,
– we had breakfast & packed our bags.

But first we wrote in the guestbook,
and there I found some old “memories”;

The drawing is not mine, but I had to copy it,
it is so very nice!
Then we started on the climb up before 8 o`clock,
– it was a hard walk up, up & up, and very hot.
We used more than one hour,
many stops and old Pasxa got very tired.

It was a wonderful 26 hours monastery-panselinos-sunrise-experience!

All my photos are taken with my phone,
Tina & Roger had proper cameras,
but Tina said the ones she took with her
phone was better!

170711 235
Being single, having 2 dogs, many cats and good friends is great!
170711 239
I wait 4 U!!!


Later that day I went sunset kayaking with some other friends,
so I am a sun worshipper!!!
Even more Panselinos worshipper ;o)

IMG_0846 logo

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