SIFFY 2017 ended last night,
SIFFY 2018 starts today!

PLEASE keep in mind that YOU can sponsor it,
I will find out how!

SIFFY started in 2009.

SIFFY 2017 included 117 children, mostly from Skopelos,
16 filmmakers from all over the world,
X? helpers also from many different nations
– here are 2 of them;
170729 060c
The 2 of us had fun, many thought we were a couple,
but we are just good old friends,
since 1985 I think! We met in Skopelos,
and we live in Skopelos!

We all were divided in 13 groups,
ca 10 children, for sure 1 filmmaker &
one or more helper in each.

The 2 first days was mostly educational,
but it was needed to learn about fire, farming & beekeeping!!!

This year SIFFY was dedicated to Mother Earth

Μητέρα γη


Every team was going to make a 5 minutes movie
with the help of “their own” filmmaker,
and last night all was shown to us.

170801 007c

Soooo many nice films, I was glad that I was not any of
the judges! Anyway every team, every participant, got a medal,
a ceramic medal made here in the winter.

Our team won for the best costumes. bravo!

As we got to know each other we had more fun!

Our story was about 2 girls buying a land with grapes,
thiefs came and stole the grapes.
The girls put a trap, caught the thiefs,
police came, and then to prisons.
BUT the thiefs asked SORRY so the next day the girls
went to the prison and gave some grapes to the boys!!!
NO wedding, as some of the other movies had!

170729 122c170729 124c170729 126c170729 128c

Riginos alias Rigas was not actually a part of our team,
but his sister was, – so we made space for him.
Finally he got the part of the “big” police chief!

This was my 1st year with SIFFY,
and I would love to continue!
This is soooo great, can you imagine
living on a small island,
and then every year be taken
into “another” world?

Είμαι τόσο υπερήφανος που είμαι μέλος της SIFFY!

I am so proud to be a member of SIFFY!

Some more photos;

170731 037c
Nice team!

170731 033c2170731 033c170731 032c

170731 031C
Maria Maria

170731 030c170731 027C

PS these cute trees were not on our team!

170729 136c170729 120c170729 116c170729 108c170729 104c170729 103c170801 029c170801 028c

I must say BIG THANK YOU to sooo many,
so where to start?

Well, first “our” children, this was a fantastic group;

170730 046

Me, Ioanis, Nikos, Valantis, small Riginos, Maria, Leah,
Ourania, Alexandra, Roxani & Maria.

A big thank you to Gloria & Jill and their great team up at
The Skopelos Foundation of Arts,
they ARE SIFFY, but also teachers, mothers, fathers and and …
was engaged. GREAT!

Here is from the SIFFY website;
“SIFFY is a labor of love.  We do this because we want to make Skopelos a better place.  It is funded by many people from the US and abroad.  Luckily there are many people that are willing to dedicate their time and money to SIFFY.  We want to thank all of these people plus others that have not been named for their efforts. SIFFY would not be possible without them.”

See you next year!

What is SIFFY?

170729 059cN

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