Dance Festival of Skopelos 2017❣️🇬🇷❣️


It was a sucsess this year as well. Lots of people from all over the world, but of course mostly Greeks. A great mix of tourists and locals!

Would you like to join in 2018?

Keep an eye on

On the opening evening all dansers are parading from the new port to the old at the pavement, so impressing, I think there were more than 400 dancers.  

On the way back they walk and dance in the middle of the street, such a great sight!

The progam is on for 3 days and at the amphie theater on the RingRoad you can see, for free, so many grat performaces.

I am adding to this page now on a rainy Sunday November 19th and due to very heavy clouds, my worpress connection is not working well, so at the moment I only managed to download a few pics, but more to come when the weather clears up. Not even my NOVA TV is working!


It is impossible to tell you how great this days were, you have to experience it! So make sure to book your Skopelos trip for the last weekend of August, I think thats when the 2018 festival is.

Finally some more photos:


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