Another day …

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The tree is damaged from the snow in January,
it will take long time before all the traces are gone,
– that’s life!
But look at the color of the sea at the bottom of the pic,
just fantastic!


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All boats gone – it should be, of course!!! All excursion and tourist boats, I mean. The lokal fishingboats are here, and of course we have the boats connecting us with the mainland!

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171021 004c171021 003cSlaughtering of the Christmas pig, or?
Strict rules, one have to have a butcher to do the
job, one can not do it alone!

171021 006c


Interesting reading from GTP;

AirportAny increase in Skopelos?
I do not know since Lilleput is gone!!!
I am so sorry about it – I miss Lilleput!!!


Often in private homes I have been served it,
but not seen it for sale. Bravo Skopelos!


I love looking at the spice shelves and today I bought these two.
Real Greek salt and “Kourkoumas”.
I use very little salt but a lot of korkoumas,
I have it every morning on my yogurt together with
5 peppers, cinnamon, honey & muslie,
nam nam!

161226 043 XXn

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