Visitor from Alonnisos

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Birger Watz alias Stavros o Mavros alias Gamle Ørn
and the newest name he has given himself;
Gamle Skilpadde – Old Turtle.
He came as a Gulliver guest in 1987 and since then we have been good friends.
Here is a pic from the first night he ever was in Skopelos;

171023 054c
Sorry I do not remember who the nr 4 person is.
Anyway that night, after my bar closed,
we walked Birger to Paradise,
the studios he stayed at, and
they boys were singing all the way!
Lovely memories.
Unfortunately Nikos left us some years ago,
he was one of the lovely guys!
171023 055c

It was coffee-time for many today;

171023 047c

Closest table two of the boys from Dietnes/OuzoBaren and Liz,
who makes the most wonderful ceramics.
Second table Thasos Nastas and wife,
who has the Souvlaki-Kiosk close to the parking.

This is all for today,
keep on dreaming of Skopelos!
By the way we just got some few raindrops
now Monday afternoon, we need much more!

PS Tuesday morning I measured 32 mm for the last 36 hours.

PS if some of my writing is in black and all to the right side
it is not my fault!!! I want all in BLUE
and in the middle, but I can not make it!!!
Any advice?

161226 043 XX

3 thoughts on “Visitor from Alonnisos”

  1. Beautiful collection of shared memories during our friendship, having lasted for 30 years 4 months plus some days…..,covering some peculiar events,usually created by me, but mostly times of shared joy and good company……..from me a sea of hugs and kisses !!!!!


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