❣️ I ❤️ November ❣️


171026 009

🍂 Thank you for looking at Skopelitissa 🍂


170731 017170731 010
Summer is not that fare away!
Soon some friends and my birthday,
then Xmas, New Year, Easter and click click
SUMMMER – and summer in Skopelos is the best!
— if you ask me ;o)

171031 010c

You know them? They had the very good and famous
taverna “Spiros Chicken” many years ago.
Sorry I did not get a better photo, but with two doggies
and their dog coming to say Hello,
it was a bit much. Better to hurry on up the hill!

171031 012c

171031 011c
I love BLUE!!!

171031 009c

They were collecting olive brances for they livestock.

Kati allo;

This fishing-boat I see often around here, funny shape!
A good friend told me that the trumpetwine, on the other photo,
is called Dodeka Apostoli (12 apostels) in Xios,
because there should be 12 flowers on each “arm”!

Some cuts I find nice and or interesting;

171031 008

171031 004171031 003170731 025

Did you know that it is that easy to learn Greek?
How could I know, I do not drink ouzo!
Once in 1983 was enough!!!

171026 010

Have a great day!

161226 043 XX

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