As days passes by …


171108 009c
Kalimera, Kalimera, how are you/ti kanis?

Καλημέρα, καλημέρα, πώς είσαι/τι κανεις;

171108 037

How can one not feel good whilst living on Skopelos?
Oh yeah, I know whats going on in the world,
I have a TV, many times I think; unfortunately!!!
My first years on Skopelos in the 80-ties,
I did not have any kind of phone, no TV and
I did not know what was the internet!
It was a very good life,
very simple, I did not even had a fridge!!!

151108 046cB

What to do? Τι να κάνω;

171108 035

Σπίτι μου σπιτάκι μου
Home sweet home

– another great photo by Costas Andreou,
you can see more at his page on FaceBook

171108 038cA small joy on the road!

171108 010c

This is Skopelos in November.
Today the rain came while we were walking,
we got a bit wet, but we had a nice warm
house to come home to, so who cares?
The nature needs rain!

151120 004c

Our walk;

171108 007cThe best of this walk is on the dirt road down from Pefkias to Potami.
So beautiful, quiet and I pass olive-groves, kalivia and churches.

Anyway here is a summer photo from Stafilos;
151114 118c

Back to November;

171108 005cMany people are picking olives now, I all the time hear “bang bang” – the sound that comes when they kick on the trees with sticks so the olives will fall down. On my photo where you see the white material/net is Kyria Maria, I think! Which Maria, you can guess!!!

171108 036

I could not resist this photo, I love gyros!

151226 010

Animals now;
171108 002
171108 051c

I quote from a man who knew how to make fortunes;

151221 104

In your job be serious and in your life crazy!
Apistotelis Onasis

Πω πω πω!!!

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