Going Alonnisos


I hate to leave Skopelos, but this was a short trip to see an old Norwegian friend on Alonnisos, – we had such a good time❣️


«Melia azedarach, commonly known by many names, including chinaberry tree,[3] Pride of India,[4] bead-tree, Cape lilac,[3] syringa berrytree,[3] Persian lilac,[3] and Indian lilac, is a species of deciduous tree in the mahogany family, Meliaceae, that is native to Indomalaya and Australasia.» from https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melia_azedarach


He also used the name Stavros O Mavros, but maybe Old Turtle is the best? Although I like Gamle Ørn/Old Eagle best, that what he is to me. We have know eachother since the 80-ies! We were 3 girls visiting:


First we went to Birgers nice home in Xora and soon it was time for lunch


«Arhondostasij (also known as Mary’s Bar) – Further along from the Aloni taverna – limited menu – ask about the daily dish – Great views from the veranda – English spoken.» this was from http://alonissostravel.com/old-town-tavernas/

We have visited Arhondostasi several times off season and have always got very nice service and food. Yesterday we started lunch outside in the sun.

«The Bougiourdi is a unique delicacy for those who love cheese. Made in the oven by means of a small ceramic pan. The main ingredients are feta cheese, yellow hard cheese, green pepper and spicy green pepper, tomato, oregano and olive oil.« from https://visitthessalonikigreece.com/food-and-drink/bougiourdi/

A very good meal, spesially the chicken who had a very good taste!

Later we moved inside and sat in front of an old fashined wood stove, soooo goood!

On the way home Ira and I passed by the cemetary, it is not fare from the taverna and the view is great, what a nice restingplace!


Back in the hotel I noticed this:


You know one has to «water out» olives before it is possible to eat them, salt has to be added too!

We woke early next morning, it was very cold, but the view was so good!


We were invited to Old Eagle alias Turtle for breakfast and it was fantatstic to come in to his home where there was so worm, because we felt like ice! We had a great breakfast and then we girls walked down to Patitiri, the harbor.

Old Village, it should be,


So icredibale green everywhere. It is the end of November, evenings are cold but in the daytime it is like a Norwegian summers day!

We had a great stay, shared nice memories, we were all brought together by Gullivers Reiser to Skopelos, you know the company who brought them and me here!


Hope you have a good time and dream of Skopelos …


3 thoughts on “Going Alonnisos”

  1. A memory for a lifetime…….and…… maybe beyond ……..who can tell ???
    Klart jeg trives i dameselskap (ikke syklubber!!) kjennes helt naturlig……akkurat som å kjenne havannet rundt kroppen…….når man svømmer!!!!! Capito???


  2. Haven’t decided the menu for breakfast yet…….but it’s definatly not going to be “turtle soup”…….think I’m more inclined to the taste of “virgin breast”…..or…..what would you have preferred in my place????


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