Kalimera, ti kanis?

Magali is more or less open all year, and has the very best gyros, if you ask me!



Sprite says: Win a trip every day

Went to a lovely late lunchparty yesterday, and this was the beginning and the end of the delisious meal. The food was so nice so I forgot to photograph! Some of the things we had was sushi salmon on greens and a stuffed porkroast, fantatstic tastes and so different from my daily food ❣️

Ira was there too, we walked home together and finally I shot some Christmas lights:


The moon looked as full as the night before, so beautiful❣️


🌺 Ending todays page with a Snoopy ❣️


The weather in Skopelos has been so warm, but it started to change yesterday late afternoon, and I woke up to only 9,3C today. The sun is trying to warm us!

🇬🇷🎅🏻🇬🇷 Have a lovely Tuesday 🌺🎄🌺


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