22nd and sooooN Christmas 🎄

7B16F6B0-EE38-4A12-9788-CD23163336D1I love Peggy «Gold» and today we exchanged gifts 🍀

Later I had lunch with my friends at Ta Kimata alias Angelos, who finally opened, – they will stay open every day, except Christmas Day and New Years Day.


This is a great artickle in a Norwegian newspaper, and it was moved to a more seen place, bravo!


We had a good lunch and a nice time!

It is raining and raining, it was blowing earlier but more quiet now nearly 11 in the evening. It is only +4C outside so maybe we see snow on Palouki tomorrow. PS Saturday morning, no snow!

I have been busy all evening, my ham is getting there, so thats all from my photos, – here are some cuttings:


🎼🎼🎼 Christmas tree for the guitar fans 🎼🎼🎼


Oh yesss!


I think I had this list here the other day, but a good thing can never be said to many times, or?

F86FB7B7-671A-4EE9-8893-06317FB14D96And with that said, I will rap some gifts for tomorrow, we will have Christmas lunch at moms, she does not feel like going out so I bring Christmas to her! She is ok but have pain in her one cheek, both knees and on one side, you know after two falls, she is so lucky that notthing was broken!

Have a lovely day and do not stress to much, it will be Christmas anyway!


6 thoughts on “22nd and sooooN Christmas 🎄”

  1. This Christmas seem to be really Merry…….no broken bones…….no broken promises…….no broken hearts……..let’s continue like this…..in the New Year…… which is waiting ahead……!!!


  2. Merry Christmas to you, Nana and your Mother! And thank you again for Skopellitissa. I look forward to it every day!


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