Christmas 2017


10 persons and 5 doggies for Christmas Eve lunch at my place, what a lovely bunch! 2 Greeks, Ioannis from OuzoBaren & Kostas from Soulas, 5 Britts, Chris & A, Leslie, Eddie & M, and us 3 Norwegians. Mom chosed to stay home.

Yesssss …


Mom does not have a beard, she fell and hit her chin so they put two stiches in at the Health Centre.

Pasxa did not want to join the photo, so here she is:

She is over 12 years old, I found her Eatser 2005.


Have to show you 2016th Christmas photo:

44776E4C-327A-4D81-8AD0-F7BAE2C4FC9Awith my lovely wouffies Pasxa and Ira.

The weather turned out beautiful so we had the fordrinks outside.


I love making a nice table, it does not happen often here!

We had marinated herring from IKEA, rakafisk (cured trout) from Nordfjord for starters (thanks to Elisabeth & F) and as you saw my famous JulSkinka that I learned to make when I lived and got married in Gotenburg, 100 of years ago, in another life!

Ending it off with CloudBerry Cream, – thank you Beate!

Christmas day now, and I have just been out with the woffies at 06.40, and the sky is full of stars so nice and quiet. We will have another lovely day.


 The lunch as usual at my Brithish friends up from Kambos, so nice because the food is so completely different from what I make, and sooo good!

All the best and be nice!




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