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I love walking down the dirt road from Pefkias to Vromoneri,
it is so beautiful, even on a gray day!


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I was out shopping with mom today, and I showed her this crackers,
she laughed, and I asked her if she wanted some?
“No, I have never paid for that!!!”
Pick spelled with two K`es in Norwegian means something men has,
that we women do not have, but often wants!!!


On the photo is dir. Pantelis, Skopelos Village – then barman, and my mom!


Do you know my name?

180122 040c

It is Nana, so this “moromantila” must be made for me!


180122 088c



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Soo quiet!

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Some few cuttings;

180102 031
180102 036

In the near future;

180122 087

8th of February is “Tzknopemti” – “Burned Thursday”
where everybody eats “burned” meat, or in a way
the beginning of the “apokreas” – karnavalli!
11th of February the childrens parade AND KATE my mom will be 90!
18th of February the big Apokreas parade,
here with a fake wedding and more …
Monday 19th is “Katara Deftera” the beginning of the lent,
everybody eats salads and seafood.

EASTERSUNDAY (orthodox) is on the 8th of April
and very soon there will be summer!

Have a wonderful day!


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