Kate Kobro 90 years 11/2-2018

Xronia sou Polla “Mamma Nana”

A page only about my mom and a bit of her life!

Photo from last summer, at my home up in the hills of Raches,
behind Skopelos town.
Some of my Greek friends used to call my mom “Mamma Nana”
because they did not know her name; Kate!

Look how young and beautiful she was,
photo from the beginning of the 50-is!



As you have noticed my mom Kate Kobro will be 90 years old today!
Amazing! She still walks Agapi an hour every morning, weather permitted.
And compared to Norway we have very few days where she can not walk!

I think the last photo composition over here is from the Olympic Games in Norway 1952. My parents was both working there, mom was helping in the slalom slopes, putting the long, heavy, wooden markers back to place, and my father was a sports-journalist for Aftenposten, Norways biggest newspaper – then, I do not know about now!

More from moms life;



With my great grandfather Isak Kobro and my «Besse» Alf Gunnar Jervel Kobro, my grandfather, who was more or less acting as my father,
and thought me many things. 

Here is


4-5 islands on the south cost of Norway, between Risør and Tvedestrand.



My Besse bought this house in ca 1948 and I spent all my Easter and summer holidays there, often other times as well. Fantatsic!

Very fun when mom sometimes came down for the weekend in a small seaplane, kind of taxi, very posh thouse days?


Still photos from Norway:


Very nice for me to have my father and his very nice wife Lilleba, visiting in Grimstad, and to see my parents together without fighting!!!

Just a few days befor we knew we were moving to Skopelos:



We left Grimstad in my small Fiat 127 with my German Shepard dog and moms Cocker Spaniel puppy, and lots of things. After ten days through Europe we just missed the ferry out, so we had to sleep in the car. No hotel wanted two dirty girls (Yougoslavia was so dirty then, so we did not want to use the bathroom!)
Guess if we were happy when we next day was well greated by Kosta and 
Georgios – The Greek Connection – and their lovely family in Skiathos.

After two days, I think it was the 29th of April, we went to



We were so lucky to stay the first 5 weeks in then Skopelos Villas, now Village, befor we found an appartment who suited us.

Up here you see mom with Pantelis, who then was as new as we were on Skopelos, and a barman at the hotel. Now he is the manager.

A glimpse from Agnondas:



We were in Volos again last summer, a town we learned to like more and more, here we eat at the Noddle Bar, sooo great and different food!


1984, I think, – we were celebrating something at Agios Ioannis


Mom had to get 2 stiches on her chin after she tipped over,
that’s why she looks like Santa. She was so lucky, she did not brake anything!



7 thoughts on “Kate Kobro 90 years 11/2-2018”

  1. Fantastisk. Sender hjertelige gratulasjoner til flotte Kate. Glad for at jeg fikk møte henne en gang, beundrer hennes livslyst og mot, Varme ønsker for dagen.


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