25/2 Agios Riginos


Photos borrowed from the excellent photographer Costas Andreou.

Agios Riginos is the patron saint of Skopelos.
He lived in the 4th century and was a bishop on Skopelos.
He was beheaded at Gefiraki, see photo below,
because he did not give up his faith.
His relics are in the monastery you see up here, which has his name,
it is on the “new” road to Panormos, ca 3 km out of town,
on the right-hand side coming from town, a bit up on the hill.
The monastery was built in ca 1728 and the present church in 1960.
Nobody lives there now, but the church is used for weddings and baptism.

Here comes what I put up on in 2016;

25th of February name day of Skopelos` patron saint

160225 003c160225 046

160225 096

This his coffin at his monastery.

Skopelos is the only Greek island who has this holiday.

“Sadly” for many now in 2018, the day came on a Sunday so no extra day off!
Unfortunately it was raining all day so I did not see any parade.
Normally they take his remains and walk in procession to town,
where a speech will be held and wreaths being put on his monument.

Still 2018, we “had to” go for lunch at Karidia, and had a good, long lunch
with live music and dancing;

180224 023c

Some seafood was on the menu;

180224 016c

Seaurgines, now is the season for them.

You know that from Clean Monday last week, here is the lent.
Many restrictions of what you can and can not eat, for sure no meat!
Nowadays you can always buy meat, but this time in 1984 there
was no meat at the butchers, and I could not understand why!!!

Hope you have a good day and try to be kind!



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