Skyros again …

1802Skyros 057c1802Skyros 058c1802Skyros 047c

I have to take you back to Skyros again, such a lovely island too!

1802Skyros 056c1802Skyros 025c1802Skyros 024c1802Skyros 023c1802Skyros 022c

I had found Anemonisia online and the place was just like we exspected, sooo nice. They had only villas so we had plenty of space. 

Some few more Skyros:

1802Skyros 049c

The Trata on Sunday

180224 019c180224 020c180224 021c180224 022c

Again, what impressed me and grabs my thought every now and then was 

180224 018c

«O Geros» – frightening and maybe attractive ….

Back to Skopelos, old photos;

We all dream of summer! Here we have a lot of sunshine and no snow, no cold, but it is a very unsteady spring!

Greeke lesson

1802Skyros 018c180304 027

“I do not trust people who do not like animals.
But I trust an animal when he does not like a man.”

Here comes a very serious one:


180304 044180304 042

Greece is still full of surprices, so much undiscovered!

Hope you had a nice Womans Day, I am going to Karidia soon, there is full house tonight with women only!


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