Lovely Saturday

180310 026c
Fantastic blossom in Alikias, you know between Agnondas and Panormos

180310 028c180310 035c

I took a long time to drive to Mortero today
because of all the flowers I had to photograph,
here are some more:

180310 013c180310 025c180310 022c180310 018c180310 012c

Spring is fantastic!

Here is from our morning walk

180310 003c180310 004c180310 005c

Different flowers on different areas, this is just up from Rigas hardware store.

Lunch in Mortero is always a pleasure

180310 040c180310 041c180310 038c

1st Strawberries of the year, poh poh poh!

Yes, it was a beautiful day!

The ferryboat Express Skiathos has been to service
and I just “shot” her now coming back from Piraeus;


Greek lesson:

180310 001c180310 002c

I use a lot of walnuts, and this time of the year I do not have any Skopelos ones left, so I buy. «ωμή» in this case, as fare as I can understand, is unsalted!


180304 016

Do you know why we collect bottle corks? They are collected and then sold for recirculation, and the money goes to children who needs wheelchairs. Bravo!

Just one cutting today, a lovely one:

180304 019

I love my wouffies! For me cats are not the same!


Wish you all the very best, and be good!



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