Gulliver Lilleput

I just have to make this page,
and SORRY some will be in Norwegian!

My boss Frode Schiøtz both from Gulliver and Lilleput
has written a fantastic book,
A traveling Tramp – a travellife –

180520 040
Cover photo Skyros, an island he never managed to bring a charter to!
With Gulliver we had Skyros travellers back in the 80-ies,
but they landed on Skiathos, not Skyros,
and went with the Flying Dolphin to Skyros.

What will the future bring?
Will he ever manage to land a Norwegian charter on Skyros?
He is only 80 years old, – still going strong!
Only time will show!
Good luck, and I wish to be a part of it,
if it happens!

Here is a cut from the book, only in Norwegian;

180520 044

So proud that I am mentioned, and with good words!

180520 079c

Here we are with Pakis, owner of the excursion boat Gorgona,
to the right.

Here comes Frode and me, Skopelitissa;


I love to wear the Skopelos wedding dress,
sorry to say but not many gets married in it any more,
but it is used on other occasions, such as the Folkdance Festival,
the carnival/Apokreas and more.

Since we are into Mai-Britts nice photos,
here is one more that I like a lot;

180520 022

Thanks for looking!
Rest will be Norwegian.

Hvis du er interessert i boken, finnes den hos Madro Travel,
i gamlehavnen her, og hos Kostas på Soulas House.

Stoooor takk til Frode, det er hans skyld at jeg er her!



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