Kokkino Garifalo – Κοκκινο γαριφαλο

Κόκκινο γαρίφαλο – Red Carnation

Who wrote the song?

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Γιώργος Κατσαρός

That I learned Saturday night in «Stin Igia Mas»
on ΣΚΑΪ TV, there was «O Georgos o Katzaros»,
a lovely musician and person.

Listen to it on YouTube, just search for Kokkino Garifalo Nana Mouskouri & Yannis Parios —- I have problem to copy the link!

From Wikipedia: «Giorgos Katsaros (Greek: Γιώργος Κατσαρός) (born on 7 March 1934 in Corfu) is a famous Greek musician and songwriter. He plays the alto saxophone. He has made a variety of recordings, collaborating amongst others with Greek musical composers, such as Yannis Theodoridis and Mimis Plessas.

Giorgos Katsaros
Born March 7, 1934 (age 84)
Corfu, Greece
Occupation(s) Musician, composer, arranger
Instruments Alto saxophone
Years active 1959–present

In 1972 he wrote the music for Alekos SakellariosI Komissa tis Kerkyras (Greek: Η κόμησσα της Κέρκυρας The Countess of Corfu).

He is currently the art director of the Municipal Symphonic Orchestra of Athens.

He has served as a Board Member of Panathaniakos, the team he is a supporter of.»

The program was very nice, as usuall,
– I love to be home and watch it!

More Skopelos you get further down here, but first

I also got to know 

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Θανάσης Πολυκανδριώτης

“Thanasis Polykandriotis (December 27, 1948) is a Greek composer and musician. (from me: and an excellent bouzouki player). Born on 27 December 1948 in Athens. His father was the popular teacher Theodoros Polykandriotis.

In 1971 he appeared with Nana Mouskouri and Marinella. He collaborated with Panos Gavalas, Ria Kourti, Manos Hadjidakis, Stelios Kazantzidis, Stratos Dionysiou, Yannis Pario, Tolis Voskopoulos, Pavlos Papantoniou, Yannis Poulopoulos and others. Since 1968 he has been composing songs and to date has surpassed 1,000 compositions. He has performed concerts in the biggest theaters of Europe, America and Australia, and he also occupied the territories of classical music.”

More at; https://el.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Θανάσης_Πολυκανδριώτης

Again I am saying that I am so happy to learn more what is behind the songs that I have been singing on for such a long time. Greek music is soooo much! 🎶🎵🎶 Thanks to you all  🎵🎼🎵

Walking the streets of town, again;

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So fun to see how they got rubble down from Vrachos!


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Saw this grafitti out at the mole of town, and Google tells me it is written: «SHOULD BEGIN TO BREAKS … BUT MAKEDONIA WHO WILL GET THERE WILL BE GREEK!» I would say it is written: «You work till you die … But Makedonia who will put you in the grave is Greek !» Sorry if I made bad translation …


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I hope to learn to use the wheel one day… It looks so impressive and simple, but it is not!

Some cuttings:

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Enter a caption

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All cuttings today are very good, I think!

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Have a lovely week,
and be kind

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