View, more music & …

180620F 066c

I am so lucky, I wake up to this view every day!
Every day a different view, new colors, new boats …
So who was it today?
MarineTraffic appen told me;

It was a very very big yacht, “Costa Plenty” – for sure!
Hope you have a great voyage on the Cedar Sea!

Music time;

180620 003
 kyr Chronis Aidonidis 

I cant help it, but I love Greek music! Last Saturday there was an
other nice show again on Stin igia mas på SKAΪ TV , and I learned more.

180620 002

It was so lovely to hear the old man Chronis Aidonidis singing,
with such pleasure, such joy, and all the others!
It was a lovely evening with again lots of music I knew,
I am sure you find “Stin igia mas” on YouTube.

Photo mix;


A hidden place, try to find it, you will not regret;

180621 021c180621 016c180621 015c

180620F 050c
It is on the RingRoad, between Apperiton and Denise hotels, but on the left side of the road if going up.

180620F 051c

180620F 055c
Marte, Tone, Rita, Nana, Georgios – the owner – Aage & Torild. Photo by Silje.

180620F 059c180620F 061c

All flowers and decorations make this place unique!
Nice food, nice service and very nice environment. Welcome!

Kati allo;

180620 009C180620 012c180620 013c180620F 080c

All new along the paralia from the port and passing Swell and all the others, on what I call “The road to the monasteries”! Bravo!

180620F 073c180620F 075c

Very nice eveing, just girls, and two doggies.
She too has a good view!

The rest just news about concert in Athens;

180620 027

I wish I could go, I love their music!
Nikos, no 3 from the left, useed to play here every summer,
last years at Ta Kimata.

Another of my favorites;

180620 024

180620 023
Ach Nana, I wish I could go and see you live, I love your voice!

180620 025

What else to say Poh poh poh!!!

180620 021

Poh, poh, poh – SOLD OUT!!!

Wish you lovely days and nights


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