A day at sea …

180717 Nikon 074c
Πω, πω, πω!

Oh, oh, oh!
Pwh, pwh, pwh – what a great photo!
(often ω – omega in Greek – is written like “w”
when we write Greek with English letters!)
Photo taken with my small, blue Nikon!
Thanks a lot Julie!

180718 019c

Harbors makes me think of the poem ITAKA by C.P.Cavafi

“Hope your road is a long one.
May there be many summer mornings when,
with what pleasure, what joy,
you enter harbours you’re seeing for the first time;”


180718 020c180718 024c

Going out with Ena is the highlight of the summer
for mom, Agapi and me!
This year we were late, because they were fully booked,
but Tuesday we made it!

180717 Nikon 035c

I was so happy when kapetanios Lykurgos said
we go around Skopelos, the very best boattrip!
Often the weather does not permit that!

The sea, the sea – so crystal clear and +28C!!!

Could it better be?

180717 Nikon 067c180717 Nikon 094c

180717 Nikon 099c180717 Nikon 098c

180717 Nikon 043c

Kati allo:

180718 017c

— and I agree on this;
180718 004

and this;

180718 005

SIFFY is soon coming up,
and I will go to a meeting now!
Have a good weekend and be nice!

180226 201

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