Oxi day & more …



28th of October – The Oxi Day


Χρόνια Πολλά ´Ελλαδα

From We’re Mad about Greece and the Greek language:

«The Greeks kneel only in front of their flag.

28th October 1940, the historic day of “NO” of Metaxas

and the Greek people to Mussolini’s fascist Italy.»

Please click to my page on this day if you like to learn more;



What lovely days! Summer is back! Here are photos from a walk in the «Monastery Hill» Friday and lunch in Agnondas Saturday. Just perfect!


Amazing how clear the water is just down of  old/gone Kariatides Bar, meaning in the town bay. And the sky is sooo BLUE!


Mom had her favorite «Oktapodi Stifado» but they did not have shrimps for my  «Garides Saganaki» so I had a lovely crispy kalimari.

🇬🇷❣️🇬🇷 Hope you have a wonderful day ❣️🇬🇷❣️

161226 043 XX

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