More Greek …

181128p 230

181128p 232

I just had to show you these photos,
More Greek is not possible!

Περισσότερο ελληνικό δεν γινεται!


Thursday afternoon now, very stormy outside,
and showers every now and then.
Last 24 hours we had between 13.2 and 7,8C!

We have only one ferry boat serving the Sporades now,
Express Skiathos. Today she made it to Skiathos,
but was not allowed to continue out here.
She returned to Volos.
Hope she gets here tomorrow!!!

Finally I took a walk through “the black forest”
sad sight;

181128 055c181128 056c181128 058c181128 059c181128 061c181128 063c181128 066c

The fire outside of Agnondas was on the 22nd of July this year,
a day before the big, terrible fire outside of Athens.
In “our” fire only forest was destroyed!
I cant help think what if the fires was at the same time?
We had plenty of “fire-planes”, helicopters and more helping us!

The forest will grow again and in about 20 years time,
we will hardly be able to see anything!

Over to a walk through town;


and then Wednesday;

181128 091c181128 092c

I saw on FB that many photographed the lovely rainbow!
Here is mine from 2016;

161109 015c (2)

Growing now;

181128 089c181128 067c181128 043c181128 042c181128 004c
181128 054
Norwegian Smoked Salmon, bravo sou!

Some cuttings;

181128p 278181128p 277181128p 257181128p 244181128p 242181128p 240181128p 236181128p 224181128p 218181128p 216

181128 037

181128p 082

What do they talk about?
Elephant; Ha ha, you have your tits on your back!
The other (camel or dromedary?);
And you are talking with your p… in your face!!!

A small good bye photo of the PANSELLINOS;

181128 031c

Have a lovely weekend

Καλή έλευση!


161226 043 XX

The sea – Η θάλασσα and…

181121 055c
I love the sea, that I see every day,
and am not happy without!
So where did I take the top photo here?
Just have a look;

I have to give you this in big size;
181121 039c

I love to go to the beaches in the off season, so nice an quiet:

A bit more of from my walks;

181121 021c181121 016c181121 014c

Amazing, she must just have given birth,
and she stood there so quiet …

I still do music Sunday lunches;

181121 007c181121 006c

To listen to live music is so different than
just on the radio. I love it!

We got some “crab-claws” and they were not nice, I complained “carefully” and after a while came new delicious ones! They had gone out and bought new ones, very nice! The first we got was from another provider!!!

GREEK LESSON, this one I fojnd very interesting;

181121 057

However I translated it, I understood it was not correct!
I did not know some of the words,
so I had to ask my friend “Moustaki” up in Veria:

181122 002181122 004181122 006
181121p 058

So now we know!!!

Some cuttings, – many of my readers do not have FaceBook,
so I am sure they will enjoy some of these;

181121p 054
181121p 045
181121p 020
181121p 004
181121p 002
181121 019
181121 038

181121p 052

I love animals!

Have a nice weekend
and try to be kind ;o)

161226 043 XX

Snake, bird and …

002001181115pa 026Fantastic photos, —but I am afraid of snakes!!!
Always nice to get help to identify by the Ridouts,
thanks a lot!

One more borrowed great photo:

181117p 059181117p 061

I think this must be from the pond in Ditropon.

We talk and read a lot about recycling in Skopelos

181115pa 027cThis time of the year nobody can say
that this was thrown out by tourists!!!!
I pick up garbage nearly every day,
but WHY do people not throw it where it should be thrown?
There are so many containers around!


Keep on walking …

181117p 083

My favorite walk at the moment, specially the blue part down the valley from Pefkias to Potami, passing olive  groves, churches, kalivis and more.
It is 5,4 km and take me about an hour.

Here are some few glimpses from the walks;

011c008c009c181111pa 029012c013cHere is a spring behind the big tree.
By Diakopi is also a spring, so I do not need to carry water.

On winter holiday;


How are the cat houses doing?


It is raining outside but no cats in my great houses!
I put food in, but Ira takes that!
Ti na kano?

Some cuttings;


181117p 068

181115pa 010

181115pa 012

It is all about Makedonia is Greek, – Putin says that Alexsander the great was Greek!


181115pa 024

If I was young I would go there …  But I think I have learned enough, maybe …


181115pa 015181115pa 016181115pa 020

All for now, I am off to a late lunch, and hope for some live music!

Try to be nice!

161226 043 XX

Xronia Polla

181115pa 001181115pa 003
We were invited, as was  many many others, kind of “full house”.
For those who knows, this is the father of Kostas at Soulas House!
After the ceremony we were invited home to Kostas,
thanks a lot!

I did not take many photos, here they are;


181115pa 056

More celebrations;

181115pa 066


181115pa 063

I am childish!
I love to celebrate my birthday!

181115pa 085c181115pa 078181115pa 075

Of course one should celebrate ones birthday,
we are so lucky that we have one!!!

Here are some of my many great greetings;

181115pa 084c181115pa 098181115pa 074c181115pa 073181115pa 069

181115pa 068

Xronia polla may you be a hundred

181115pa 065

Mom was not well so she did not come to my very small party, unfortunately. But we had a good time and very good food. Good friends had brought reindeer and by post came RAKAFISK – a kind of “rotten” fish, just delishious! And for sure I had some RETSINA!!!

181115pa 064

Walk in town;

181115pa 039c181115pa 038c181115pa 037c181115pa 036c181115pa 035c

Something to think about;

181115pa 006c181115pa 008

My translation – I try my best;
“When you see the sun every morning
and when you have your health,
You have a whole fortune!!!”

Look for the sun and have a great weekend!

161226 043 XX

Agii Taxiarches

181111 006c

Every year I am invited to the nameday of the monastery, and can bring any friends, all are welcome! The nameday is on the 8th of November, but then the priest is busy, so it is a day or two after.
This year the weather was good and when we got up to the top of the monastery hill, lots of cars were parked.

181111 010cDouble-headed eagle emblem of John VIII Palaiologos (r. 1425–1448).
The Ecumenical Patriarchate and Mount Athos, and also the Greek Orthodox Churches in the diaspora under the Patriarchate use a black double-headed eagle in a yellow field as their flag or emblem.”

You may

The monastery is situated in the middle of nowhere!
Very quiet area, facing Skyros.
There are springs there with lovely water.

181111 011c181111 014c181111 018c181111 028c181111 032c181111 034c
I had to borrow this photo;
181111 105c

Another great borrowed photo;

181111pa 074

In the wall behind the bench we could sit on was this;

181111 020c181111 036c181111 025c

And then the heavy walk up to the car;

Some were lucky and got a ride!!!

Nature is beautiful!
181111 008c181111 040c181111 045c

They are not strawberries, its a nick name,
they are Arbutus Unedo. Very beautiful!

181111 041cWonderful day!

I am trying to learn some Greek every day,
I read but translations are not my big thing,
but I try;

181111 004

“As much as they try to teach you that you are a princess,
my father though me to build my castles myself!”

181111 005

“If you did something good never remember it.
If they did you something good never forget it!”

From todays walk;

181111 001c

Flowers in moms garden;

I am so fascinated of all the nice, funny, whatever motif on t-shirts
that are on FaceBook;

Have a good week, and try to be nice!

161226 043 XX

Amazing Greece

Amazing with new “finds” again in Greece;

181108 001
My translation; “Great discovery in Lokrida: Kouros discovered from the Archaic period and a part of an ancient cemetery.” It was found in the Fthiotida area who is not too fare away from here. It is on the mainland between Volos and Athen, not so fare from Agios Konstantinos.

Who is a KOROS? From
I found; “KOROS (Corus) was the personified spirit (daimon) of insolence, disdain, satiety and surfeit. He was the son of Hybris (Excessive Pride) and brother of Dyssebeia (Impiety).”


181108 061

181108 027
Very important!

Over to Santorini, I think;

181108 063


Could it be more GREEK?

If I had a taverna it will be blue, like this one in Plaka,
with the view of Spinalonga;


I was there some years ago, and I chosed it due to the, to me, Greek colors.
Here is what were written next to the photo;
“Blue Door is a typical Greek Taverna with a spectacular beach-front location.”

You may see my vidaki from our visit there;

Kati allo;


181108 045
181108 049

181108 050


A translation; ” Man to be called a true man, must be able to come to the position of the other. Markos Bambakaris – the great rebetes

TalkiNg rebetika, here are two sons of Skopelos;

181108 038

So if you pass by Athens, there is where you have to go!

Travel news;

181108 004181108 003


Times for some of my photos from 2015;

1113mat_714apri52060815_02cB150527 021cB150602 011cB150607 040c



All the best from and be nice!

161226 043 XX


Hi there!

181106 063c

I walk every day, I passed by Agnondas on Monday,
all was closed! BUT Thanassis at Pavlos
will try to stay open weekends, Bravo!

Here is Iras and my walk;

181106 060c

I parked on top at the X cross and we walked along the road going to the helio port, but took right just after the goat farm. Walked down that lovely dirt road that meets the main road at the top between Stafilos and Agnondas.

181106 053c181106 057c181106 059c

Here is quiet Agnondas;

181106 066c181106 071c181106 072c

Some shots from were I have been walking lately;;


181106 028c
181106 027c

181106 026c181106 025c181106 006c181106 022c181106 048c

We had lovely Sundays late lunch at Karidia;

181106 015c181106 018c181106 017c181106 013c
Sometimes I am so fed up by FaceBook,
but I got a very good ide there and made two houses for the cats:


181106 041c181106 029c

These two comes in every afternoon and sleeps
well together on a soft sheeps skin!

Some cuttings;


181106 050

181106 010

Over here is written about the beetroot!
So keep in mind if you drink to much alcohol they might help!!!

This is me;

181106 047

Take care and try to be nice,
I will try …


180815 001c

161226 043 XX

Very welcome November!

181004p 023
Gooood month!

181031pa 202

Not my photos, but so good!
here are some photos from the OXI day, that caught my attention;

181031pa 167
181031pa 163

181031pa 151

Over to my photos;

181022pad 059181022pad 045c181022pad 046c181022pad 047c

Both tavernas was open in the weekend,
and with the very nice weather we have.
for sure Pavlos will stay open a bit longer.

Latest news, Thanasis at Pavlos, will try to stay open weekends all winter, except Cristmas, if weather permitted, bravo!

I love going to Agnondas!
This time of the year you see the locals to relax,
and they really deserves it.
Many has been working every day since before Easter!!!

Not my photo, – from The Old Mens Cafè;

181022pad 026

In town;

181031 028c181031 030c181031 032c181031 033c181031 004c
Work is going on in many places.
This place was damaged during the snow,
or was it the flood?

Out walking;

181031 005c

Where am I?
Answer a bit further down;

181031 012c181031 014c181031 015c181031 084c

I was outside the big new house where
the lovely taverna, sometimes bouzouki-place,
once upon a time was!

181031 047c181031 021c

I made a good walk month in October. here is the average;

181031 155

This years new taverna at Milos, down of Katsro,
will try to stay open all winter,
great, only a 12 minutes walk from my home;

181031 154c181031 093c

This colorful guy was at my table, the other day!

Some t-shirts I like;

181031 123

Some more cuttings;

181031pa 195
181031 019
181022pad 137

181031pa 175

Fly me to the moon …

181031 161c

181031 044c

Have a nice rest of the week and
be KIND, if poss!

161226 043 XX