Snake, bird and …

002001181115pa 026Fantastic photos, —but I am afraid of snakes!!!
Always nice to get help to identify by the Ridouts,
thanks a lot!

One more borrowed great photo:

181117p 059181117p 061

I think this must be from the pond in Ditropon.

We talk and read a lot about recycling in Skopelos

181115pa 027cThis time of the year nobody can say
that this was thrown out by tourists!!!!
I pick up garbage nearly every day,
but WHY do people not throw it where it should be thrown?
There are so many containers around!


Keep on walking …

181117p 083

My favorite walk at the moment, specially the blue part down the valley from Pefkias to Potami, passing olive  groves, churches, kalivis and more.
It is 5,4 km and take me about an hour.

Here are some few glimpses from the walks;

011c008c009c181111pa 029012c013cHere is a spring behind the big tree.
By Diakopi is also a spring, so I do not need to carry water.

On winter holiday;


How are the cat houses doing?


It is raining outside but no cats in my great houses!
I put food in, but Ira takes that!
Ti na kano?

Some cuttings;


181117p 068

181115pa 010

181115pa 012

It is all about Makedonia is Greek, – Putin says that Alexsander the great was Greek!


181115pa 024

If I was young I would go there …  But I think I have learned enough, maybe …


181115pa 015181115pa 016181115pa 020

All for now, I am off to a late lunch, and hope for some live music!

Try to be nice!

161226 043 XX

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