The sea – Η θάλασσα and…

181121 055c
I love the sea, that I see every day,
and am not happy without!
So where did I take the top photo here?
Just have a look;

I have to give you this in big size;
181121 039c

I love to go to the beaches in the off season, so nice an quiet:

A bit more of from my walks;

181121 021c181121 016c181121 014c

Amazing, she must just have given birth,
and she stood there so quiet …

I still do music Sunday lunches;

181121 007c181121 006c

To listen to live music is so different than
just on the radio. I love it!

We got some “crab-claws” and they were not nice, I complained “carefully” and after a while came new delicious ones! They had gone out and bought new ones, very nice! The first we got was from another provider!!!

GREEK LESSON, this one I fojnd very interesting;

181121 057

However I translated it, I understood it was not correct!
I did not know some of the words,
so I had to ask my friend “Moustaki” up in Veria:

181122 002181122 004181122 006
181121p 058

So now we know!!!

Some cuttings, – many of my readers do not have FaceBook,
so I am sure they will enjoy some of these;

181121p 054
181121p 045
181121p 020
181121p 004
181121p 002
181121 019
181121 038

181121p 052

I love animals!

Have a nice weekend
and try to be kind ;o)

161226 043 XX

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